O-Driver is a system for restaurants and chains to manage deliveries and track drivers in order to keep customers satisfied.

If you want to increase your driver fleet's performance and get your customer's feedback, O-Driver is a must have application!


Notify your customers immediately and keep them informed.

The system will send your customers a link via SMS that will take them to a website featuring your logo where they can track their order status.

Your customers will know when their order is received, ready, or dispatched.

Your customers can rate and review their experience.

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Manage your fleet of drivers.

Track your drivers' locations at any time.

Track the time of your deliveries and evaluate your driver's performance.

Reduce your delivery costs and increase productivity.

Integration with your POS.

Monitoring screen for dispatchers to view drivers on map.

View your available and allocated drivers.

Calculate the estimated arrival time of drivers.

Receive alerts of unsuccessful and delayed deliveries.

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Driver can help the dispatcher by scanning the invoice to have it automatically dispatched and assigned to him.

Dispatchers can assign orders from the POS, the driver will then receive an alert that it has been assigned to them.

Notify of an emergency or delivery disruption.

Receive navigational maps to arrive to the customer's location.

Location change updates.

Order delivery time / feedback.

End Of Day cash reconciliation.

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O-Driver SMS Order Status


In the delivery module, once the order is made, an SMS with a link will be sent to the customer’s mobile number.

The SMS content can be customized the way you desire by including the following :

  • The link can include only a rating and review.
  • The link can include only order tracking.
  • The link can include both order tracking, rating, and review.
  • If the link includes order tracking, the map can be hidden.
  • The background color and button colors can be changed.


O-Driver Dashboard Order Tracking

Dashboard | Order Tracking

O-Driver allows you to view the following :

  • Number of drivers.
  • Currently active drivers.
  • Pending orders.
  • Drivers that were active today.
  • Today’s orders.
  • Number of open and unopened links.
  • Delayed Orders.
  • Amount of SMS messages sent.
  • Ratings & Reviews.
  • Average rating.

O-Driver Map Driver Location Driver Status


Using the Map option, you will be able to see the location of each driver :

  • Location of the driver on the way to a customer.
  • Location of the driver returning from a customer.
  • Customers' location.

O-Driver  Drivers Management

Dashboard | Drivers

Driver Account Management :

  • Create as many driver user accounts as you want to deliver your orders.
  • For unavailable drivers, you can uncheck the “Active” option and you won’t see them in your drivers list.

O-Driver Dasboard Ratings and Reports

Dashboard | Ratings And Reviews - Reports

Check all the ratings and reviews received from your customers according to each invoice number.

View all your orders sorted by invoice number in one list, which can then be exported to an Excel file.

O-Driver Dasboard Ratings and Reports


O-Driver Driver's Application

Drivers' App

When logging into the O-Driver app, the below screen will open :

On Call Option, it's when the driver changes their status to be "On Call", the current location of the driver will be marked on the map.

Scan Order, the driver can scan the QR code or the barcode printed on the invoice. After that the order will be dispatched to him. This option is linked to the POS using the "Sync Dispatched Orders" action.

O-Driver  Drivers Emergencies Management


If the driver faces any kind of emergency (car accident, rain emergency) while delivering the order, he can report it.

In case the weather was bad or the driver got into an accident and could not deliver the order to the customer, he can report back to the restaurant stating the emergency he is facing, so that the restaurant can act urgently and fast to fix the delivery issue.

O-Driver Drivers and Orders Reporting


The report will give you a list with all the driver's orders.

The Reports option in the app will give you the ability to check orders delivered by this specific driver sorted by date and at the end of the page, the total orders delivered will be displayed along with the total amount.