Merits is a cardless loyalty and CRM solution for establishments that turns your new visitors into long-term loyal customers.

Merits offers your business a customer loyalty program and a marketing solution that works. Forget the hassle of printing cards and investing in costly marketing softwares.


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Merits Social Media Integration SMS Email Campaigns

Keep Customers Up to Date

Social Media Integration

Businesses can create a profile on Merits to post updates where customers can share and recommend your brand on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get more likes, shares, and reviews, in addition to the ability to save received updates as calendar events.


Text messages are the best method to reach out to your customers in an easy and fast way. Stay connected with your customers and send them your latest updates, offers, and events instantly.

Email Campaigns

Create and send batch marketing emails with custom templates. Monitor your campaign performance stats, including in-store visits, at your fingertips.

Merits Customizable Rewards System  - Rewards

Customizable Rewards System

Businesses can decide which loyalty plan to implement from various configurations available and modify them as needed and integrate them into everyday transactions.


With cashback, you don't have to discount your products, which prevents undervaluation of your products, at the same time, you are able to provide a financial incentive to buyers.


Discounts are a powerful weapon in your conversion arsenal to drive customer's loyalty, with Merits you can automatically assign discounts based on first time purchasers, general discounts for specific items, or manually assign specific discounts at checkout.


Win a customer's loyalty by giving them free points for simple tasks such as checking out, this in turn leads them to eventually purchase more products from your establishment.

Merits Integration with Omega

Integration with Omega

When closing the invoice from the POS, points can be added automatically to the customer's account.

Since Merits has full integration with the Omega POS module, closing the invoice and adding points to your customer's account goes smoothly and with no efforts.

Merits Store

Merits Store

For businesses that are not using Omega POS solutions, they can search for their customers using the Merits Store website to add points, customers in turn have to either scan the QR code to claim their points.

Merits CRM Feedback Management

CRM and Feedback Management

Your customers are a wealth of information as they can help you develop a better product, help you provide a better service, and help you offer more value in your services.

Customer feedback helps bring purpose to your product or service offering, Merits offers you a medium that your customer is familiar with and gives you the chance to ask specific questions that you want answers to and allows your customers to voice their complaints and to track their satisfaction.

With Merits you can manage, analyze, and resolve your customers' complaints to turn them into meaningful improvement ideas that will increase your business's performance and build your customer retention.

Merits Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

Replace the antiquated "Buy 9 Get 1 Free" paper coupon system that easily gets lost and forgotten with a reliable digital equivalent tied to customer individual accounts, customers can then manage their points and redeem them easily in the app.

Loyalty Levels

Establishments can create levels where customers obtain different prizes based on the level they have reached, with this small gesture businesses can win a customer's trust to be more loyal to their shop and brand.

Shoppers can collect points upon making any purchase and checking into a place that utilizes the Merits platform.

Meris Cashback Bonus Gifts Discounts

Customers can earn a cashback percentage on every transaction done.

Bonus Point on Birthday

Customers can get bonus points on their birthday when making any form of transaction, this in turn gives the customer a greater incentive to buy more and increases brand loyalty.

Points on Special Day

Customers can earn extra points when making transactions on a specific day or occasion of the establishment's choosing (such as Independence Day, Labor Day, etc...).

Free Delivery

Establishments can send orders to the customer without a delivery charge as a reward option.

Discount on Selected Items

Customers can benefit for various discounts on their shopping experience when buying specific items, this in turn is a powerful weapon in your establishment's conversion arsenal to drive customer loyalty.

Welcome Gift

Establishments can choose to reward first time visitors with a reward. For some customers, a welcome gift will be the key to remain loyal to a specific shop and brand.

Merits User's App

User's App

Using the mobile application customers visiting a business that runs an Omega POS solution will automatically have points added to their accounts by scanning the QR Code on the invoice using the Merits app.

For customers checking into a place not utilizing Omega POS solutions, businesses can manage the customer's data in the Merits for business website and add points to a customer's account automatically which can then be viewed within the app.

By clicking on a shop's logo after being saved to the list following a transaction, customers will be able to see more information about the place.

Customers can follow businesses on social media to stay connected by following their posts and news feed.

Customers can additionally send you their feedback and rate their experience using the Merits application.